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The Frozen Few Antarctica Motorcycle Club wants new members to join every season. The Club wants Bikers that ride and want to be part of the First and only MC on the Seventh Continent. The Club does not want souvenir hunters. The Full Patched Members are serious about the Club and live the Biker lifestyle. 

The Club is for Men and Women that ride a street motorcycle 500cc or larger.

Prospects must own a motorcycle and ride. The Club does not want weekend warriors. The Club is for Bikers that fund their riding by working on the ice. 

To become a full patched member you must have completed a minimum of one season on ice. The first step is to be a Hangaround. This can be done during your first season. You can become a Prospect once you return to the ice. The Prospect process is for a minimum of 4 months while you are on ice. You will need to fill out an application and be sponsored by a Full Patched Member.  

While you are a Prospect you will show the highest level of respect to all Full Patched Members. A Prospect is expected to get to know all of the Full Patched Members (if we don’t know you, we will not vote you in). 

A Prospect will be respectful at all times and be respected among the community. This means volunteering and always acting appropriately. Belligerence and over drunkenness will not be tolerated. You are trying to join Antarctica’s Motorcycle Club. The Club is a friendly club that rides within the confines of the Law.

The Club needs to feel confident that a Prospect will act appropriately while off the ice. Full Patched Members ride while off the ice. The Cut is a great source of pride for Members. Club members ride with other clubs and are respected among the Biker Community worldwide. 

While you are a Prospect you are required to keep drinks full for Club Officers and Founding Members. A Prospect is required to cook, clean, and take care of trash after meetings and parties. Prospects will also perform tasks issued from Full Patched Members. A Prospect needs to show a complete willingness to become a Full Patched Member.

There are no Dues for membership. The Club just asks that you give quarter to a Full Patched Member while they are passing through your hometown

Good Luck and the Club thanks you for your interest. The Club will vote in new members every January at our annual party.