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The Frozen Few

We are a unique group of Bikers that work and live together on Antarctica. For about four to eight months a year we park our bikes, tuck them away, and journey to the most remote place with the harshest climate on the planet.
We formed our own Family of Bikers here on the southernmost, frozen continent. We get together regularly to talk about our travels and how we can’t wait to ride again. We continue to keep our Motorcycle Club strong and ever growing. We have our own Motorcycle Club so we can stay connected worldwide, wherever we call home.
We meet up whenever we can across the United States and abroad to ride motorcycles together. We have four to eight months a year with our beloved motorcycles. Every member takes full advantage of their motorcycle riding time. We all have our special reasons for doing what we do here on “The Ice”. We have a bond that links us together around the world and into the future. We are bold, we are unique, and we are the first motorcycle club to ever be on the seventh continent, a continent with no permanent residents. We are the only Motorcycle Club on Antarctica. Our membership is international and includes multiple Stations across Antarctica. 
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McMurdo Chapter VP

My name is Medicine Man. I am a member of the Passamaquoddy Tribe on the Northern Coast of Maine. I am a Lieutenant with the Antarctic Fire Department and I have been part of the Joint Antarctic Search and Rescue Team. 

Before working on Antarctica I was Professional Firefighter, Professional Bodyguard, and Private Military Contractor. I joined the Fire Service in 2000 after serving in the Marine Corps Infantry as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman (Doc). I am an experienced Wildland, Structure, and Airport Firefighter. I am an Emergency Medical Technician with Wilderness and Tactical Upgrades. I was as a SWAT Medic on the Arizona/ Mexico Border and a Security Team Leader/ Medic with the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force in Northern Afghanistan

 I enjoy my life on Antarctica and being part of the United States Antarctic Program. I work at McMurdo Station and I have worked at South Pole Station. I have been to the Antarctic Dry Valleys and 11,000 feet on Mount Erebus, the world’s most Southern active volcano. I have mountaineered on Antarctica and I am experienced in Ice Crevasse Rescue.

I have always been a part of the American Biker Culture. I look forward to getting home to my motorcycle after each season. I am proud of being a member of such a unique motorcycle club.

Prospective Members

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The Frozen Few are always looking for new members to join.  It's pretty easy. Just meet the requirements and fill out the application. Some of the requirements include spending a minimum of 1 season on The Ice, owning and riding a bike 500cc or greater, and getting a current member to sponsor you.  

Apply Online!

Don't know any members? Shoot us an email and introduce yourself. We'd love to get to know you and find you a sponsor. Think you might want to become one of the Frozen Few? Read more about the requirements and apply below.